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I watched the final Twilight movie this weekend and, while it was certainly not GOOD or anything, I think it was probably the best of the series. Well, I haven’t seen one of them (the third one I think?) but I still feel confident saying this one was better because it was thankfully not as focused on Edward and Bella’s gross relationship. She’s a vampire now, so Edward can be less controlling/emotionally abusive/terrible. But don’t get me wrong, there were still lots of incredibly stupid moments in this film. I’m just going to recap the whole hot mess. If you’d like to catch up on Breaking Dawn: Part 1, you can read my insightful recap here. Obviously there are going to be spoilers, so you know, don’t read on if that’s a thing you care about.

OK, so, Part 2 basically starts where the last movie ended. Bella wakes up from her near-death experience as a vampire. It turns out being a vampire is a lot like being on drugs. Everything is extra bright and clear and you can watch flowers bloom and move super fast and jump super high (with the help of terrible CGI) and basically there are no down sides. Bella almost crushes Edward with her new super strength, and he reminds her that she needs to drink blood now (oh right, that’s kind of a down side) so they run off to the woods. Some dumb mountain climber is mountain climbing by himself near a vampire clan like a dummy, and Bella scales the mountain like some kind of gremlin when she smells his blood, but then she doesn’t eat him because Eating Humans is Wrong so she eats a bobcat thing instead.

Bella’s up in your woods, stalking your bobcats.

Now that she’s full of bobcat blood, Bella remembers she has a child, the horribly named RENESMEE. I still just cannot even with that name, it’s so terrible. Bella goes to say hi, and Jacob is there, being all weird and protective. Bella’s like, “huh?” and he’s all “oh, sorry, I imprinted on your infant daughter, I COULDN’T HELP IT” and Bella is rightfully mad because seriously, ew, and she beats Jacob up a bit with her new super strength. Then she sees the baby, and doesn’t even comment on the baby’s totally creepy CGI face. She really should have mentioned it, because seriously, this is weird:

Don’t look directly into its eyes!

Anyway, the baby is fine, and she has a super convenient gift where she can show people her first memory (being in Bella’s womb…gross) by touching them. This will be convenient later, you’ll see. Oh yeah, and somehow in the last two days the Cullens have made a house for Edward and Bella. Or maybe it was there all along? Who cares. They go there and have sex, which they can do without Edward freaking out now because Bella can handle it and she won’t even get several bruises on her! They’re like, “we’re gonna have sex forever, why would we ever even stop?” Uh, I don’t know, don’t you have a baby to take care of? Vampire teenagers are SO irresponsible.

They manage to stop having sex so Bella can be informed that her dad, Charlie, is calling all the time. She’s like, “ugh, oh yeah, that guy, I guess we should move far away so I never have to deal with this whole situation, and also he is THE WORST COP EVER so he’ll never remotely figure out anything that happened.” But Jacob doesn’t like that idea because of how HE’S IN LOVE WITH A BABY so he goes to Bella’s dad shows him he’s a wolf, and says Bella is different now, but doesn’t say how, because if Charlie knows about vampires his life will be in danger I guess, even though Bella knew about vampires before she was one and she was OK, sooo….whatever. In any case, he visits Bella, and the Cullens teach her how to pretend to be a human (which she wasn’t great at when she was a human) and remind her not to eat her dad, but it’s fine because Charlie is dumb as shit so he’s like, “well, you seem different somehow, like maybe you’re the living dead? But I’ll just accept it and not question it I guess.” Also they tell him RENESMEE is Edward’s niece who they adopted and he just accepts that, too. Obviously.

OK! Yes! I acknowledge that you are a wolf.

Then everyone lives happily ever after, except RENESMEE keeps growing at an accelerated rate, so Bella thinks she won’t live long or something, but what can you do when you have a half-human, half-vampire daughter, you know? But it’s all mostly fine until one of the Cullens’ cousin or something sees RENESMEE and assumes she’s an immortal child. An immortal child is a kid who’s turned into a vampire and goes on killing sprees because kids are the WORST and this is bad. So this vampire cousin lady goes to the Volturi who are like, the head vampire people or something? I don’t know, they were in another one of the movies, I forget what their deal is. They’re kind of bad, and their leader is a hilariously campy Michael Sheen.

Wow. Just…wow.

So yeah, they’re pissed about this whole immortal child thing, so they decide to fight the Cullens, but also I guess they were just looking for an excuse to fight the Cullens because of something to do with wanting Alice (that one who can see the future) to join them? I kind of tuned out I guess because I have no idea what their master plan was. Speaking of Alice, though, she was so squirrelly in this movie! She has a vision that the Volturi are coming and then she just up and disappears for like, ever. I don’t really understand why.

The next part goes on FOREVER and basically the Cullens just gather up all their vampire friends to meet RENESMEE so she can touch them and show them her first memory so they can realize she was born and wasn’t turned into a vampire, and I guess they’re all going to tell the Volturi about it so they’ll back off. All the vampires have powers and they’re all stupid powers and I don’t care about any of these people so I don’t even want to get into it. This whole thing is so inconsequential it’s crazy how much time is spent on it.

A bunch of other stuff happens (Charlie is really dumb! Jacob hangs out with RENESMEE a lot and no one ever really comments on how wildly inappropriate that whole thing is! It turns out Bella’s super special magical vampire gift is a shield, which is lame! Etc!) but mostly it leads up to a standoff between the Volturi and the Cullens and friends. You can tell the Volturi are bad because they have hoods. RENESMEE touches Michael Sheen, so he knows she was born and isn’t an immortal child. But then it still seems like the Volturi are going to attack for some reason, so Alice shows up (good timing, Alice!) and shows Michael Sheen a vision, but he attacks anyway, and there is an actually kind of awesome, epic battle where a lot of the main characters die, including Michael Sheen!

Oh no, vampire attack!

Except, wait, ACTUALLY NONE OF THAT EVER HAPPENED IT WAS ALL JUST ALICE’S VISION AND WHEN MICHAEL SHEEN SAW IT HE DECIDED NOT TO ATTACK. Lame. Lame, lame, lame, this was such a dumb annoying cop-out thing, which only emphasized how useless the previous scenes establishing the random supporting characters and their dumb powers were. Oh yeah, so after the non-existent battle some Brazilian dude who’s a half-vampire is there, and he’s like, “yeah, I was born and I grew for seven years and then I was full grown and now I’m immortal and I can eat blood or regular food and basically I’m the shit.” So don’t worry, everyone, RENESMEE is gonna be fine and in seven years she can be with her mom’s friend who helped raise her and who has been in love with her the whole time and it will not be weird for anyone. Also Jacob jokingly called Edward “Dad” at the end and I vomited in my mouth. I REALLY HATE HOW NO ONE SEEMS TO PLAN TO ASK RENESMEE WTF SHE WANTS. That is a half-vampire girl with no agency right there. And also, besides the obvious reasons why this relationship is messed up, Jacob isn’t immortal, right? So how does that work? This whole thing is a total bummer for everyone.

Yep, just a regular thing, nothing to see here.

The whole thing ends with Bella and Edward hanging out in a field, sharing a montage of their beautiful and inspiring love story and everything will always be perfect and we should all aspire to be vampires because no one is happier than vampires. That is the moral of Twilight, I think. We’ve all learned a valuable lesson. Thank god it’s finally over.

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So last year I rewatched a sort of horrifying movie from my childhood and live blogged it. The movie, called The Peanut Butter solution, continues to haunt me, so I’m reposting it. This will be interesting to a nearly microscopic portion of the population. Enjoy!

When we were kids, my sister and I made our parents rent this particular movie from the library over and over again. Also I think maybe they played it on TV sometimes? Anyway, we watched it a bunch. It was called The Peanut Butter Solution. It’s this low-budget Canadian movie from the ’80s, which I guess is a children’s movie, but as it turns out, it’s kind of deeply disturbing. Actually, based on having googled it as an adult, it appears many children from my generation were haunted by this movie. A lot of them actually thought it was a weird dream they had, because it’s just that strange. But no, it exists. In case you have any doubts, here is the preview:

I told this friend of mine about it in university, and she actually ended up finding a copy on DVD (why the hell anyone put this on DVD, I have no idea) and gave it to me for my birthday. I think I’ve only watched it once since I got it. It’s just…did I mention that it’s really strange? In any case, I’m going to watch it again, and provide an extremely detailed synopsis. This could be fun! But it’ll probably just be weird.

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I don’t think this is exactly a profound observation, but I’m so sick of movie trailers that edit together the only three good minutes of a movie to make it look good, and then completely fail to deliver. I was thinking about this because I was talking about The Adjustment Bureau the other day for some reason. That’s a movie that was totally mediocre, but the preview made it look SO GOOD. I thought it was going to be the best thing ever. In case you need a refresher:

I mean, this looks like all the shit I like in a film – some kind of weird, dark concept based on a Philip K. Dick story and Emily Blunt. Whatever, I have specific tastes. Anyway, the movie didn’t deliver on whatever it was I was expecting. Honestly, I wish it had been weirder and darker, and that the adjustment bureau dudes’ one weakness wasn’t water. I also thought the ending was stupid. Like, yes, there was a struggle or whatever, but then the people who control the fabric of the universe just left these people alone because….Emily Blunt and Matt Damon were for realz in love I guess? I don’t know. Dumb.

Another more recent example is Snow White & the Huntsman, which had THE BEST TRAILER EVER!

COME ON. That is a great preview. You know you wanted to see this movie. And then you saw it and you were all…….really? REALLY? I know I should have known better. I should have remembered that, with few exceptions, I cannot stand Kristen Stewart. And she was in fine form in this one, with the constant lip biting and mumbling. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE SHE’S PRETTIER THAN CHARLIZE THERON I KNOW BEAUTY IS SUBJECTIVE BUT THAT’S JUST CRAZY! Anyway. I wish this movie had been called The Evil Queen, and was just about Theron’s character and that there was no stag in it. Like, yes, it was better than Mirror Mirror, but not that much better, and that is a travesty.

Anyway, I kind of just think whoever’s editing these trailers should also be editing the films they’re for. Because even if the previews are extremely short, they do tell a story. So why can’t these two minutes just be expanded to an hour and a half and form a good story instead of a mediocre one? I want to live in a world where they make the trailer first, and expand it to make the full movie. This seems logical! Why am I not a filmmaker/trailer editor?

Oh, and I should also mention that there are very rare occasions where the reverse thing happens and the trailer looks awful but then the movie is really good. Example: 21 Jump Street.

I watched it and, based on my experiences with trailers, I assumed these were the best scenes in the whole film. But I was so wrong! This movie was actually really funny, with animated drug trip scenes and weird Korean Jesus references and action scenes that referenced cliche action movies and awesome cameos. So I don’t think there’s a moral to this story – just don’t trust previews and see every movie ever to decide for yourself if it’s good. I’m a genius.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea – when I’m not watching copious amounts of television, I’m watching copious amounts of movies. The thing is that I review films as part of my job, and after writing two movie reviews a week, I guess I don’t always want to rehash it for a blog post. But, in the case of Moonrise Kingdom, I’m pretty much content to talk about it constantly.

This is probably my favourite movie of the year so far. I admit that I’m one of those people who believes Wes Anderson can do no wrong. I love his distinct style, his attention to detail, his characters, dialogue and plot. I think he’s great at balancing genuinely funny material with darker themes, and he’s at his best in Moonrise Kingdom.

I think I liked it so much because I felt like it really “got” what kids are like. The plot is about Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward), two 12-year-olds who become pen pals and make a plan to run away. They’re both pretty miserable because…do you remember being 12? When you’re 12, adults control most aspects of your life, but you’re old enough to realize adults don’t necessarily know what they’re doing, so everything is generally horrible.

Suzy’s dealing with parents (played by Frances McDormand and Bill Murray) who have marital issues, plus she found out they’re reading books about dealing with troubled children. She’s pretty sure she’s the troubled child. Sam has more serious issues, as an orphan with a foster family who isn’t overly concerned with his well-being. Now he’s at scout camp with a troop that doesn’t appreciate his particular brand of solemn weirdness.

So the kids run away (though they’re on an island, so they can’t get THAT far) pursued by Suzy’s parents, a scout master (Edward Norton) and the local sheriff (Bruce Willis). They take themselves very seriously, in the way children take themselves very seriously, and believe they can survive on their own with Sam’s wilderness skills, Suzy’s suitcase of books and their beautiful, adorable love for one another.

Everything about this film is so charming. The dialogue is sincere, and often really, really funny. It’s set in the ’60s, which means awesome vintage-looking sets and costumes. Until I watched this, I didn’t realize that my dream in life is to dress like a pre-teen from 1965.

Also, the two lead kids are SO WONDERFUL. This was the first film for both of them, and they were just perfect. The supporting cast of adults is great too, but it’s really easy for child actors to be grating and terrible, and these two were not, so they really stand out.

I’m sure people who hate Anderson’s other films will think Moonrise Kingdom too quirky or whimsical or twee or whatever it is that they hate about his other films (because it IS all those things, but I love those things!) but I swear, it’s also poignant and heartwarming and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So, you know, watch it!

A combination of previews for the upcoming Twilight film and the “devastating” break-up of K Stew and R Pattz reminded me of this recap of Breaking Dawn – Part 1 I wrote on my old blog. Here is a slightly edited version of it. I’ll probably do this again when the new one comes out, because if I didn’t laugh about it, I might have to cry. Enjoy!

I recently saw this really obscure, quirky, indie film! You probably haven’t heard of it, because it’s super underground, and is probably too innovative to have any kind of mass appeal anyway.

No but seriously I saw the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn: Part 1. You probably have a lot of questions for me, such as, WHY? and SERIOUSLY WHY? and NO? I don’t know, the first three were totally entertaining! I did not read the books, obvs, I’m not a total sadist. I did watch the YouTube series Alex Reads Twilight (don’t get your hopes up…it’s not me reading it, it’s some British guy). Oh, and one time one of my friends was reading the books, and I picked up one of them and read a single sentence: “Bella lurched up the stairs.” I’m not sure how one lurches up stairs, but it doesn’t sound pretty.

But yeah, I’ve seen all the movies. And I contend they are totally hilarious in a weird, oh-my-god-how-is-this-really-a-thing kind of way. There is slow-motion running and pretty terrible CGI and over-dramatic teens and crappy acting and self-righteous wolves and vampire boyfriends who are super controlling and a heroine who NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN WHAT HER APPEAL IS SHE IS JUST WORTH STARTING INTER-SPECIES WARS OVER AND SHE’S CLUMSY I GUESS? OK.

This latest instalment, however, took things too far. Now, the negative messages of the Twilight series have been rehashed ad nauseam. But I haven’t written anything about them yet, so…yeah, I’m going to write my synopsis of it.

“Seriously, why do you have to marry Edward? Can’t you move in with him or something?”

First of all, you should know that nothing in this movie makes any sense. It doesn’t even try. It’s like, this can be insanely stupid and illogical and tweens will watch the shit out of it. Damn it tweens! You’re ruining it for everyone. OK, so at the beginning, Edward and Bella are going to get married. It’s great because they’re soulmates I guess! At the age of 18, Bella has met all the boys ever in the world, so she knows for sure that Edward is the only one for her. PLUS he’s a vampire, and she seems to totally want to be a vampire too so that’s a plus (no idea why because gross you have to eat blood and live forever, that sounds SO TERRIBLE). Bella’s dad is all suspicious, but is also really, really stupid because he doesn’t seem to ever suspect that Edward is maybe not a regular human type person. He’s a really, really bad cop. Bella’s mom is like “Hurray my teenage daughter is finally getting married, it’s about time, I thought she was going to be a spinster!”

“I think I wanna marry you?” – Bruno Mars

Anyway, Bella’s walking down the aisle and looks like she’s totally dreading the whole thing, but maybe that’s because she had a nightmare the night before? Not sure. Even in her dream sequence she was a bad actress. Anyway, she marries Edward and they make out forever. Anna Kendrick is funny, I wish she had been in this more! Jacob, that guy who’s a wolf, shows up and finds out Edward and Bella are totally going to DO IT before Bella is turned into a vampire. He’s like, “No, it will kill you or hurt you or something!” Uh what? Does Edward have an insanely large penis? Why will it kill her? No one explains that. Edward and Bella go away on a top-secret honeymoon for some reason. Her dad is like “I’m suspicious, but OK. BYE.” They go to Rio. Vampires are known for a love of the sun, so that makes sense. Edward doesn’t sparkle at all in this movie! I thought that was his schtick!

“Seriously though, I hope your vampire penis doesn’t kill me. Haha…ha.”

They totally do have sex and break the whole bed! Crazy vampire sex! Don’t worry, they don’t show any actual sex scenes. The next day, Bella has like, two bruises, and Edward is like, “OMG we can never do that again, I totally hurt you!” and she’s like, “What, I’m fine, didn’t we get married so we could have sex? What was the point of getting married then?” (I wish you had said that Bella. That would have been a good point.) Anyway, then later she begs him to have sex with her so he does. Ugh, what. That’s awful and stupid. So then all of a sudden she realizes she’s pregnant after staring at her totally flat stomach. But she did puke once I guess. Yeah, it’s totally awkward being pregnant with a vampire baby, and Edward’s family doesn’t know what to do or anything, and Edward totally wants her to get rid of it.

“Do I look fat in this shirt?”

The thing about vampire babies is, they have an extremely fast gestation period, as everyone knows. So suddenly, Bella looks like she’s six months pregnant. I don’t know how much time has actually gone by. Maybe a month or so? Anyway, she tells her dad she’s sick and isn’t coming home, but really she IS back home with Edward’s family. Have I mentioned her dad is a bad cop? He doesn’t know that his daughter is in the same small town where they live. Ugh. Anyway even though Bella’s super pregnant, one of Edward’s “sisters” or whatever is like, “You should totes get rid of it!” because she thinks the birth will kill her. Um, how would they get rid of it at this stage without killing Bella anyway? Also, they never say “abort” just “get rid of it.” But yeah, Bella’s hearing none of it, she’s like, “Vampire don’t preach…I’m having my baby.” Edward is pissy because he’s not getting his way and he’s horrible.

Bella, gaunt with child.

Then Bella gets really sick and weak and (gross alert) they find out (based on like, a random thought based on absolutely nothing) that the baby wants blood, so Bella drinks blood and it’s SO GROSS. I wanted to vomit. OH also they can’t leave the house now, because the wolves are mad about the vampire baby? I have no idea why. They seem to think it’s an abomination, but I don’t know why they even care that much. They want to kill it and Bella, but Jacob is like, “No just kill the innocent baby you assholes, leave Bella alone because I love her for some reason, because she’s so clumsy maybe?” and they’re like, “No” so Jacob goes off on his own and protects Edward’s family.

I’m not posting stills of Bella in labour. That’s too gross for the internet.

Anyway, Bella goes into labour and has the GROSSEST BIRTH EVER except for maybe actual birth. But this was pretty gross! Then Edward has a Pulp Fiction-style shot of venom, which is how people become vampires I guess? That’s weird, but OK. So He gives her that, and seems to die. But the baby is alive! It’s a girl, named…wait for it….RENESMEE! It’s a combination of Renee and Esme who…I don’t remember who they are but who cares. Renesmee!!!

Oh, hello creepiest fan art ever.

Jacob is supposed to kill the baby, though I’m not sure if he was really going to, but instead he imprints with it, which is what the wolves do when they like, pick a mate I guess. Yeah, for serious! A grown man-wolf locks eyes with a human-vampire baby that was literally just born and is like, “I want to do you someday.” WHAT!?!? It’s so weird and horribly wrong, I don’t even know. And what if the baby doesn’t want to be with some douchebag who used to be in love with her mother when she grows up? In any case, now the wolves can’t kill the baby because one of their own has imprinted with it, which is THEIR MOST SACRED RULE, which I’m pretty sure was mentioned for the first time after the fact, but uh, OK.

Hey, uh, Bella? I think you have something in your eye.

Back to Bella…don’t worry! She’s not dead for realsies. Venom takes over her blood or something and then she opens her eyes and they’re red! She’s a vampire now, duh. Who knows what happens next, because that’s the end of the movie. In the next one, maybe she tells her dad she’s a vampire with a vampire baby! Or maybe her dad figures it out using his award-winning detective skills. Don’t worry, he won’t. Maybe she and Edward will get a divorce! Maybe they can have sex now because she’s a vampire? Probably I’m going to be grossed out by whatever happens with Jacob and that baby. Peter Facinelli will probs be there because he plays the father figure vampire, and that will make me sad, because come on, Peter Facinelli, you’re better than that. Whatever happens, it’ll probably be terrible and gross, and I will totally watch it with sick fascination, because I just can’t help it! If watching Twilight and hating almost every minute of it is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Today I saw Total Recall with my mom. It was approximately as mediocre as I expected, so the best part for me were her comments and general confusion. I think I need to start seeing more bad movies with my mom.


Mom: Wait, who’s the main guy in this?

Me: Colin Farrell.

Mom: What? That’s Colin Farrell? I thought it was that guy from that sitcom! You know. John something.

Me: …

Mom: Santos! John Santos.

Me: Who’s John Santos? That’s definitely Colin Farrell.

Mom: Oh. Are you sure?


(About an hour and a half into the movie)

Mom: Hey, that’s that guy! From that show!

Me: Are you talking about Bryan Cranston? From Breaking Bad? He’s been in this whole movie!

Mom: Yeah, he looks different, I think.


Mom: Well, at least she (Jessica Biel) has nice teeth.


Mom: Is she (Kate Beckinsale’s character) ever going to die? This is ridiculous.

Me: I don’t know, probably.

Mom: I hope she dies.


(As we’re leaving the theatre)

Mom: I hated that. I still don’t even know what it was about.

Me: What didn’t you get?

Mom: I don’t know. Don’t explain it. I just hated it.