So, Weeds ended, following a thoroughly lacklustre finale season. You know, I really wish it had ended with the sixth season. There were definitely some weak points before that (I didn’t really enjoy the fifth season, as I recall) but at least Nancy going to jail felt like a meaningful ending…as opposed to her getting out three years later and continuing to ruin the lives of everyone around her. Anyway, it was definitely better than the actual series finale, which transports us eight years or so into the future – a future where Shane has a moustache and a drinking problem and where Alexander Gould is just not a good actor, and where Doug’s storyline is still stupid (though it was nice to see Josh, his estranged gay son who disappeared after the pilot). In the future, Nancy is still needy and really, the only major character who experienced any meaningful growth was Silas. Of course, he also gets married to the girl he dated in high school who he once impregnated by poking holes in condoms without her knowledge, so…..that’s kind of messed up, probably. Anyway, I live tweeted the whole mess, so maybe you’ll enjoy this if you’re a masochist like me who watched this crap until the bitter end. Oh, and if you want to follow me on Twitter, it’s @alex_geedee. Like, 90 per cent of my tweets about TV, so, you know, be prepared for that.

Wait, did Stevie get less Mexican in the future?

Lol, future technology = keyboards in tables.

Nancy Botwin never ages, she just gets highlights.

In the future, everyone is stoned. That sounds right, actually.

Holy shit, is that Natasha Lyone?

Shane is grown up now because he has a moustache, obvs. Too bad he looks 12.

In the future, customer service still sucks.

Actually I kind of buy Doug as a cult leader.

Awwww so many blasts from the past taunting me, all like, remember when this was a good show?

Isabelle got a sex change, ok, sure.

Bath salts are still a thing in the future.

Ahahaha, gay Justin Chatwin. So old school.

Oh sweet, high carb diets are a thing in the future.

Can someone please reference Celia?

I wish this show would end with Nancy just leaving Andy alone at last. I feel like she can’t though.

Well. That is an oddly articulate 13-year-old.

Did those lesbians name their Chinese daughter China? #monsters

Nancy’s history is very confusing to us all, Stevie.

Oh god when Shane tries to act it’s sooooo awkward.


Hey, where is Jill in the future?

Ok, Rilo Kiley is always a good choice

Oh, Nancy smokes weed in the future.

The last scene was nice, but I’m mostly glad it’s over.