The last couple seasons of Project Runway have been totally lacklustre. Most recently, there was Project Runway All Stars, which was essentially a different show due to the different host and judges. I didn’t even watch the whole thing because it was just sooo obvious Mondo (who should have won his season) was going to win. I wasn’t going to go through a Heidi-less season for such an obvious conclusion. Anyway, the season before that was AWFUL. It was that one where Nina was obsessed with Anya, who could not sew and all her clothes looked the same, AND THEN SHE WON. Actually no one in that season was particularly great though, so whatever.

Anyway, it’s not like I really watch Project Runway for the clothes. Sure, that’s part of it – watching a designer create an entire beautiful outfit (or a total trainwreck of a garment) in an hour is fascinating. But what makes Project Runway great is when it’s filled with crazy people. This season may not be the craziest, but it definitely has its share of characters. Here are my top five favourite weirdos.

Kooan. I’m 95 per cent certain Kooan is actually a Harajuku Girl who escaped from Gwen Stefani. He left the show too soon! I wanted to see more brightly coloured jumpers with oversized buttons or whatever it was he was making.

Elena. Elena is an emotional basketcase. Most of the time she’s a mean girl who doesn’t play well with others and talks about how tough you have to be to survive in the Ukraine. I’m pretty sure she came up with the word “chiffonies” to describe the dudes on the show who are way into silk chiffon. But then she has random crying jags when things don’t go her way or when she has to design Wearable Clothes. Her clothes are mostly whatever…she’s really obsessed with shoulders for some reason…but I’m way into her bitchy, unpredictable personality.

Gunnar. I mean, his name is Gunnar Deatherage, so he seemed like a promising villain at first. He made up this random rivalry with Christopher, but that seems to have dropped off in recent weeks. He thinks he’s really fabulous, but he’s kind of just a shittier, tackier version of Christopher. Also: HIS HAIR. Ugh.

Dmitry. Dmitry is kind of the unsung hero of this season. The scene above was his shining moment, but he says unintentionally hilarious Russian-y things all the time. He’s an especially big fan of talking about how terrible Elena is behind her back. Also, while I feel like the judges are kind of ignoring him, I like his aesthetic! It’s kind of understated but elegant. I’m into it.

Ven. I couldn’t find a gif of Ven, which I assume is somehow related to the fact that….HE IS AN ANDROID. Ven is not capable of exhibiting or understanding human emotion, which leads to him saying things like, “I’m so excited about this challenge” in a complete monotone, or insulting the woman he’s designing for by basically calling her fat. Because he’s an android, all his clothes look pretty much the same – they all involve the same fold-y, flower-y technique.

As the season goes on and the pressure gets more intense, I can only assume things will escalate. I don’t really care who wins or anything (though I’m kind of into Sonjia – she’s pretty!). Mostly I’m just on Team Not Ven, because if the robots win, we all lose.