Hi, I’m Kyle! I smile for miles!

JK, I’m not really Kyle from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18. Wouldn’t it be weird if it turned out she was literate?

I’m Alex!

Not that one.

GOD, I WISH! This is me, for serious. I made an introductory gif of myself…is that normal?

Welcome to my new blog, Alex Gets Real. I couldn’t think of a blog name, so I went with a play on one of my favourite phrases, which as it turns out, originated from the film Bad Boys.

Classic. This blog probably isn’t going to get overly “real,” though. Mostly I’m starting it because I’m kind of sick of writing about all the inane details of my life, so instead, I’m going to write a LITTLE BIT about the inane details of my life, but I’m ALSO going to write about the inane details of fictional people’s lives. You know, the ones who are in TV shows and movies and maybe even books sometimes. But mostly TV and movies. I watch a lot of TV shows and movies, and this makes me an expert I have lots of opinions about them. Maybe I should be specific and rein it in and only write about media and junk, but honestly I’m probably going to write about nail art sometimes, too. I CAN’T BE TAMED!

I’m also apparently really into gifs tonight. Good for me! Enjoy my blog, hopefully, please?